script rules

  1. Aussie

    Outlook 365 Rule runs manually but returns the error code "an unexpected error has occurred" when incoming mail arrives

    I have read a lot of posts on this problem ... but I can't see the error in my code ... Microsoft 365 V2205, build 15225.20204 The following VBA macro used to work, and it still works when run manually. A couple of years ago, I am guessing that a change from Microsoft occurred, and it now...
  2. Z

    Auto Forward

    I'm looking for a script to run in an Auto Forward Rule. Something that strips out the recipients email addresses( can be quite lengthy) prior to sending the email to an Outlook Distribution List. I found one here on this site - but can't find the thread now.
  3. S

    using script rule to save attachments on arrival Outlook 2010

    Thanks for the wonderful educational post on saving attachments to the hard drive, Diane! I tried to post this question under that stream, but kept getting errors, so decided to try this method. I am new to VBA with Outlook. I am trying to make a rule that runs on message arrival to save all...