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    Different views for To-Do List and To-Do Bar

    I have applied filtering and conditional formatting in my To-Do Bar. When I view the To-Do List using the Tasks folder and choosing the To-Do List, it applies the same filtering and conditional formatting in my To-Do Bar. How can I use two different filters/formatting -- one for To-Do Bar and...
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    Outlook 2007 only loads some appointments

    Outlook 2007 recently stopped loading appointments in my To-Do-Bar after a certain date (April 9th). Appointments after that date are bolded in the calendar (and visible in the month view) but they don't load into the appointment list. Appointments dated prior to April 10th, do show in the list...
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    Outlook does not show new appointments in To-Do-Bar

    Hello Diana, I am using Outlook 2013. The new appointments entered using the calendar (for example, ones that I created today) do not show up in the to-do-bar. I used /resettodobar option, I have the right data file as default. Any ideas? Thank you.
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    Calendar does not point to deafult data file

    Hello, I moved from Outlook 2010 to 2013 by using tlast year's pst file for the transfer. I have several IMAP accounts. The data goes to an ost file. I realized that my calendar is linked to another data (pst) file (the original data file I started from) not to the default data file. therefore...