Outlook 2010 Sub accounts not showing new emails in Inbox


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I have two new sub email accounts shown in my Outlook 2010, neither of these show when new emails arrive. My default account shows all emails sent to it but not either of the two sub sub accounts.
There is no visible indication of new emails so I could easily miss checking them.

Is there an option to display number of all new emails in sub accounts?
To clarify a bit, the two sub accounts can be seen but they do not expand to show a new email in the inbox. I need to open and expand them to see the inbox. I am sure there was a setup option that when a new email arrived in the inbox the account expanded automatically.
Maybe I was dreaming as I cannot seem to find that option now!!
You added them as separate accounts, correct?

What type of account are they? POP, IMAP?

Outlook doesn't have an option to expend folders that are closed but some versions did it automatically when new mail arrived - but possibly only for pop.
Hi Diane. Thanks for the reply, these two are seperate accounts and are both IMAP whereas the originals are POP accounts. Can you change from IMAP to POP without losing anything? They are quite new accounts in Outlook so no real problem to start again if needs be.
I may not have been dreaming then if some versions did open/expand when new mail arrived, that is what I would like to happen with the two new accounts. Maybe changing from IMAP to POP would do the trick
I have removed the IMAP accounts and reinstated as POP3 accounts, but new emails do not trigger the inbox to display. My default account shows all main folders when I open Outlook, not sure if this is because of it being default or if there is a rule or similar action I could take to make one of the new POP3 accounts to do the same. If so please let me know.
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