Need clarification on 2-Step Verification for Gmail using Outlook 2021

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When I first got Outlook 2021 I remember having to setup 2-Step Verification so Gmail would work with Outlook 2021. At that time I also had another Google product that I was able to sign in just with email and password. About 10 days ago I had to do a fresh install of Windows 10 and of course reinstall all my software. I had to setup Outlook 2021 again but since I had already setup 2-Step Verification when I first installed it, I just had to get the one time password and everything worked fine. Now I notice that the other Google product is making me do the 2-Step Verification every time I use it. I get a notification that I will get a text message and I have to fill in the G- number code.

I'm being told by Google how to turn off 2-Step Verification which I know how already but my concern is if I turn it off will it mess up my Outlook ??? If I remember correctly 2-Step Verification was a big deal to get Outlook 2021 to work with Gmail.
Is the account in Outlook as pop or imap? If imap, I don't think you need 2 step on (definitely not in Outlook subscription - I thought 2019 and 2021 was the same) - it should bring up the Gmail signin page. POP requires 2 step and an app password.

Now I notice that the other Google product is making me do the 2-Step Verification every time I use it.
This should only happen if the authentication isn't saved. what product are you using?
The account is POP, when I original set it up I had to setup 2 Step and had to get a one time password to make it work. The other Google account I mentioned that has changed this time is seeing that my Gmail is 2 step so it's making me do 2 step for every Google account linked to that original Gmail email. If I have to have 2 step for POP there is no fix for this that I can see.

The product I am using is YouTube TV, it never used to ask me for the G- code every time I sign in like it does now and my Gmail account was always setup as POP with 2 step. This all changed when I did a fresh install of Win 10 and had to install everything again.
Here are my notes on setting-up my Gmail Account in Office 2021/Outlook 2021 .

John Doe
Account Type: POP3

pass: jldjhjkwprpuhbvadljcxvf
- After 2-Step Verification is now enabled, created in main Google Account/Security (not Gmail Settings).

Outgoing server (SMTP) requires Authentication
- Use same settings as my Incoming mail server

Ports (POP3): 995
- This server requires an encrypted connection (SSL/TLS)
Ports (SMTP): 587
- Use the following encrypted connection: STARTTLS

Delivery: (nothing selected)

Notes: See Gmail Notes below.


Gmail Notes:
- You can use either IMAP or POP3 (in email client) to access your Gmail account . You can allow either or both in Settings. I have both Enabled. On mobile devices (iPhone and iPad) I use IMAP. As you know, that's a complete copy of everything in the account (including old emails). Works fine for that. But I don't think I need a whole copy of what's up there stuck in my Outlook PST file (it's big enough already), so I use POP3 in Outlook (and only keep the important emails that come in).
- If you send an email to yourself in Outlook (through the Outlook Account you have setup for Gmail) it shows in Inbox AND Sent Items, in both Outlook and (pretty cool).
- Since Outlook is considered "Less Secure" , in main Google Account Settings / Security (not Settings) you must set "Less Secure App Access" to ON. Requires login using Secure Password Auth. (SPA)
- At one time Gmail Account was working without an App Password and I had 2-Step verification OFF. But now, 2-Step Verification is Enabled, and you create this password in main Google Account/Security (not Gmail Settings)
- So, for my iPhone and iPad, this gmail account seems to work as IMAP, but in my desktop Outlook-2016, more like POP3.
- Less secure apps & your Google Account - Google Account Help

In 6-2022, Diane Poremsky suggests:

You need to use an app password with POP accounts - in all versions of Outlook - as they won't ask for the second factor.
You set-that-up in Google Security (not Gmail Settings).

Be sure to enter the App Password properly (into Outlook Password field).
Yes I know, I setup my Outlook 2021 and it works fine, it's just now when I sign in to my YouTube using my Gmail account I have to keep doing the 2 step. I realize this is an Outlook forum but clearly something in the settings of my Gmail account is causing this. hoping maybe someone has an idea??
Is youtube tv an app or is it used in the browser? If browser, which one?
Browser, Same thing happens in both Chrome and Firefox. The problem is related to my Gmail since that is what I use to login to YouTube TV. My questions is I setup Gmail for Outlook over a year ago and I didn't have this problem at all. When I did the fresh install of Win 10 I had to install everything again, somehow because I have 2 step for my Gmail enabled because I chose to use POP, Now it affects my login to YouTube TV when it never has in the past??
What are your browser security settings?
Are you logging into a browser profile using the same account?
Blocking cookies?
Not blocking cookies

I don't stay logged into my Profile, when I am trying to login to YouTube TV I am logging into my Gmail account

Not sure what you mean by "security settings" can you be more specific please
I just wanted to update everyone.

First of all thanks for those who tried to help me. This wasn't a Outlook issue obviously but since it had to do with 2 step and since I had to enable 2 step to use Outlook 2021 with Gmail I thought I would give it a shot on here.

It turns out that the issue was with cookies, I have a program that cleans everything whenever I close a browser, since it clears the cookies that is why Google was making me go through 2 step for YouTube Tv. In the program I just added YouTube TV to a list of cookies that are not cleared on exit and that fixed the issue.

Thanks again, you could have simply said "This is not an Outlook issue, Contact YouTube TV " but you didn't you tried to help me, and I appreciate it!!
Is the account in Outlook as pop or imap? If imap, I don't think you need 2 step on (definitely not in Outlook subscription - I thought 2019 and 2021 was the same) - it should bring up the Gmail signin page. POP requires 2 step and an app password
Yes, when I installed Outlook 2021 ( which isn't a subscription, I bought Office 2021 ) I remembered you saying that using Outlook 2021 and Gmail I had o use 2 step and go to Google account and create a one time password using their app.

Since I first installed Office 2021 and linked my Gmail account to use Outlook I have had 2 step setup. I've also have other Gmail accounts and use YouTube TV but never did Google make me use 2 step on them when I logged in, I just had to use my Gmail and password and was able to login. After I did a reinstall of Win 10 about 3 weeks ago and installed Outlook 2021 as part of Office 2021 now I have to use 2 step for any Google account??? it doesn't make sense to me I didn't change any settings, 2 step for my Gmail that I use for Outlook 2021 was still enabled so I didn't have to do anything when I did the fresh install.

So I have no idea why Google is now making me use 2 step for all Google accounts??? You last post you asked me about security settings and I told you I wasn't sure what you meant, you never replied?
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