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I would like to ask your help.

I am trying to clear/disable the desktop outlook search bar's: "Suggested Searches" history.

I had found the following article here on

"To clear the Suggested search terms in and Office 365 accounts, log into Outlook on the web's Settings (gear icon) > View all Outlook settings > General > Privacy and Data and click the Delete History button. The changes sync to Outlook desktop immediately."

Problem is, that there is no "View all Outlook settings" or "Privacy and Data".

2024-01-21 12_35_31-Window.png
2024-01-21 12_35_41-Window.png

Can you help me please, what am I doing wrong ?

Many thanks in advance!
Hi, I opened my Hotmail, clicked on the gear (top right), then General, Privacy and data.

Privacy and Data.jpg
Up front: it is not my thread, but nonetheless, thanks for your tip! It worked out well.