Any 3rd party tool that sync (mirror) from Outlook Calendar to Google Calendar?


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Outlook 2016 32 bit
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Office 365 Exchange
Operating system::    Windows 10 x64
Outlook version:     2403
Email type or host:    Exchange

Anyone here using a 3rd party tool (add-in, or stand alone) that actually mirrors Outlook (Exchange) to Google?
Mirror means exact copy in Google Calendar. Doesn't need to be entirely free, a small price is okay.

Currently using Outlook4Gmail, but it creates duplicates (when an event has changed in Outlook), i.e. no way to mirror.

I have been using gSynchit ( since about 2015 as it allowed me to synch with Google as well as Dropbox, SimpleNote (and more) at once. While I no longer use any of these spyware services, I still use gSynchit with Fastmail to synch my contacts and calendar. I do recall a problem with calendar items duplicating for repeating events. My workaround was to synch one-way from Outlook to FastMail (that in turn syncs to my Android phone). 95% of the time, when I need to use my Google-like FastMail calendar or contacts, its to read something and not to enter/change data.
Was going to say try gsyncit but John beat me to it. :) It's nagware after the trial if you only have one calendar, but an affordable $20US for more calendars or contacts or to remove the nag.

I don't recall duplicates but I don't make a lot of changes - the calendar where you are going to make the changes should be the one set as the main one for conflicts.
Many thanks to you both! I did already have a look at gSyncit a few days back and checked out the part "Getting started" on their website and noticed an explanation " In Outlook 2010/2013 this is appear as follows ..." (2010/2013..?)

Then went over to their FAQ but could not find a word on Exchange.

Right now I am using Outlook4Gmail to perform a 1-way sync which is supposed to be a 'mirror' but I found duplicates.
(same appointment, same date-time and title, but description changed, after sync two appointments appear in Google Calendar, whereas only 1 is in Outlook)

Even though it is set to check for duplicates when synchronizing, it still creates duplicates (event

As for Android phone: I have tried a number of Calendar apps, they all sync with Outlook app or with Google (Google just with a limited time frame, i.e. Google does not show old events).
Outlook sync is extremely poor in case of old events.
Calendar apps do not connect with Outlook Exchange, or Google directly. There is only 1 app I know of that does that: Calengoo.
That connects with Google and Outlook Exchange directly, it is superfast and stores all events (even back to the 50'ties!) and show all your data in a split second.

But, that aside, gSyncit, I assume...once installed and registered, it can be used on both laptop and desktop, i.e. it is linked to Outlook, no matter on what device?

thanks again.
Then went over to their FAQ but could not find a word on Exchange.
You're using an Exchange account? That will sync directly with the android calendar. If you want to copy the calendar to gmail, I don't know if companion link might work - most of the apps don't use exchange because it syncs with the phones.
I have been using:
Outlook app calendar
aCalendar+ (paid version) - syncs with Outlook app
DigiCal (paid version) - syncs with Outlook app
Goohle Calendar (shows a limited period)

Outlook app sync is extremely poor: to update the calendar I need to swipe, swipe and swipe.

Have spent weeks (!) on trying to get them work and cover old data.

Even Microsoft support could not assist me with providing exact Exchange server details for Outlook. Nobody can... ("Contact your It manager...")
I finally gave up.
For me Calengoo is the way to go, nice interface, weekview, etc
Maybe a matter of taste.
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