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How do I fix "prop bitmap dll not loaded"?

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I click to print an email and receive "prop bitmap not loaded". I click on

ok, then the email prints. It never used to do this... can anyone assist?

Please let me know. Thanks!

K. Orland

This is a printer issue, not an Outlook issue. Have you installed the latest

drivers for your printer?


I have had the same thing happen with a Lexmark X7130 printer. I

downloaded the latest drivers, removed the ones currently installed

before installing the new ones. This didn't help. I then checked

Microsoft's Knowledge Base, found nothing referring to this topic, so I

contacted Lexmark. They told me it is not a printer issue, but an

Outlook problem. It seems I am going in circles with this one.

Just a few things to mention in specific - it only happens with

Outlook, and it only happens one time; and the first time I print after

starting the computer. After I close the error notice, it does not

appear again, until after I restart my computer. If I print from any

other application before Outlook, it will not happen with Outlook.

Now, this might sound like an Outlook problem, except that it only

happens with this Lexmark printer. No other printer in our office, and

we use several HP's, Epsons, and Brothers. I am not sure where to point

the finger any longer. I just need some good guidance.
There have been many instances of Lexmark printers evincing this issue. If

you Google that error, in the majority of cases, the web site found will

mention either "Lexmark" or "Dell". Many of Dell's printers are rebranded


Start Outlook in safe mode (hold Ctrl when you start Outlook) and see if that

makes any difference.



OK, I started Outlook in safe mode, and the same thing happened. When I

printed from Outlook to the Lexmark printer, as the first print job

after booting the computer I got the error.

I did try something else as an experiment this morning also, and was

somewhat surprised. Right after booting, I printed from Outlook to one

of our other printers on the network (the Lexmark printer is not

networked), and did not get the error; I then printed to the Lexmark and

got the error. I had not done this routine before, so was surprised when

this happened. I know if I print from a different application first then

Outlook, the error does not occur.

Needless to say I am still confused.

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