Exchange with Outlook clients Unable to search for email...

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We are running Exchange 2003 in Active / Active cluster mode; which has been

great for many years. The first half of the alphabet is running on one node

and the other half on the other node. About a month ago the last half of the

alphabet stop being able to search inside of their outlooks clients. I even

moved that node from one server to the other so that both nodes were running

on the same box. I don't see any errors that jump out at me for this

problem; and ever web search I do they talking about *.pst files which we

don't run. We do have *.OST files in place, but I have tested this problem

without it also. Also the OWA does work for searching; with a user that does

not work in outlook.

Could you give me pointer on where I should start looking on the exchange

node? Thank you.


I was mistaken about the OWA it also does not work for the last half.