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When Microsoft introduced Outlook 2007 SP2 with its ability to shutdown Outlook gracefully without crashing, the fix that they designed created some sort of conflict with Thornsoft Development's "ClipMate" clipboard extender application that doesn't occur with the SP2 versions of Word and Excel.

Basically, what occurs is that if you use the clipboard in any way while you have Outlook 2007 SP2 open (e.g., copy a phrase out of an open message), that action makes Outllook the new first app in the Clipboard Viewer chain. At such time then as you exit Outlook, instead of the first app in the Clipboard Viewer chain reverting to ClipMate as it does with Word and Excel, the first app in the Clipboard Viewer chain is set to "invalid" thus causing ClipMate to no longer work correctly. (I have contacted Thornsoft Development and they say that there is nothing that they can do with their product to correct for this.)

I am using Windows XP and understand that Vista introduced a new Clipboard API which may make this issue moot. But for those of us who use Outlook 2007 SP2 and Windows XP (SR3), it's really aggravating to have to manually re-establish the connection to the clipboard every time we exit Outlook.


Perhaps, this problem would be completely resolved if Microsoft would change the design of Office 2010 so that the Office Clipboard feature could be completely disabled or removed instead of just hidden.
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