Office 2007 file types + Exchange 2003 + OWA

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Jafaruddin Lie

Here's the issue.
Some users complained that whenever they try to save .docx files via
Outlook Web Exchange using Internet Explorer, it'll always try to save
as ZIP file.

OK, before you guys scream at me, I have put the proper MIME types into
IIS. Still happening.
The MIME types work correctly (well, sort of).

If I send an email with .docx files attached via OWA, or Google Mail,
the users will open up the file fine (it'll open up as Word 2007 or

Office 2007 file attachments sent using Outlook client will open up as
ZIP file. Same file sent using Entourage 2008 opens up as Office 2003.

Am I missing something here?

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