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this is on outlook 2007 connected to exchange.

navigation pane wish #1

switching from shortcuts pane to mailforlders pane while having search results in the list view will reset the search. I'd like to have the search results stay when I change the pane (at least from shortcuts to mail folders, as those are the "same" type of folders.. well, not exactly, but I guess you know what I mean)

navigation pane wish #2

in the vista start menu, I can start typing in the searchbox and the programs and folders shown are reduced to those matching my search string. yeah, nice search feature.

I'd like to see the same behaviour in the navigation pane. that is, I'd like to have a search box there too. while I start typing my string, I would be presented with only the folders of my many pst files, that match the search string. then I should be able to move any message from the list view into one of those found folders.

two nice little features that would make my life easier.

Not open for further replies.
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