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To-do bar needs to show appointments from multiple calendars

Discussion in 'Outlook Wishlist' started by Jeramie, Nov 24, 2009.

  1. Jeramie


    I'm amazed this hasn't been fixed since people have been hounding the Outlook team since 2007 came out. I already use categories and I want to keep school/work/etc. separate from my personal calendar (my default calendar) because they would become extremely cluttered. I would expect that the to-do bar in Outlook 2010 would show appointments from those calendars I have checked in calendar view not just my default calendar.
  2. assagai



    User should have a choice of which calendars to be reflected in a to-do-list

    Best way to do it is create an option for each calendar (accessible by right-clicking on it) on whether to display it or not in a to-do-list
  3. Forum Admin

    Forum Admin

    Senior Member
    I was disppointed that appointments from multiple calendars don't display in Outlook 2010's to-do bar. It's a popular request - not quite as popular as showing all day events in the to-do bar though.
  4. assagai



    are you referring to Outlook 2007?

    in my outlook 2010 all day events are displayed in the to-do bar (from the main calendar only though)

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