click on contact behaviour

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introduction of contact cards made access to information more difficult

most of my tasks are linked to contacts.

in previous versions of Outlook a double click on contact name used to evoked a card (from contacts folder)

in new version it evokes a "contact card" rather then regular contact

I personally don't see any advantages of a "contact card" over a regular contact

you cannot start a phone call from a contact card unless your are subscribed to MS IM (no side software vendors support this feature)

the information reflected in a "contact card" is limited compared to a regular contact

if someone likes it - it's OK though. just give users a choice.

for example a single click could evoke a contact card whereas a double-click a regular contact

that would suffice to resolve the problem

alternatively make an option prescribing application's behaviour with linked contacts


Outlook version
Outlook 2010 32 bit
Email Account
Exchange Server
There is ability to switch to legacy view. At least in OL2010.
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