Email button on 2010 ribbon/default email account.

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I have OL2010 with multiple POP accounts attached to SBS 2003.

I configured OL to default to a specific POP account and everything works ok. However, within the Contact folder, after I have selected the contact, I click on the Email button on the ribbon bar and the email selects the Exchange email account. Can I change which email account this button chooses? email.

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Outlook 2013 32 bit
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Exchange Server 2010
This is one of two things:

1. Outlook 2010's new behavior. When you have multiple accounts delivered to different pst/ost files, the default account is the one the folder set belongs to. So, if the contact is in the exchange mailbox, that will be the default account.

2. SBS is changing your default. There is a log script that sets the exchange account default. This would actually change the default in Outlook to exchange.
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