Outlook calendar tracking not updating meeting acceptances

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I've been running Office 2003 and Office 2007 and noticed this happen in both instances..

If a meeting request is sent out, when a user is trying to find out who's accepting and declining the request; the tracking tab is not picking up the responses.

I've tested this myself, and it's been very inconsistant.

I initially thought the tracking would only update when the email was opened, so I created a rule for the user that all mails into that inbox were automatically opened. But the tracking has reverted back to not correctly reflecting the responses in the Inbox.

Has anyone come across a similar problem ?

Any advice gratefully received..


Praveen S Bhat

The tracking responses are not recorded if you are using a pop account.

This option is available if you are using an exchange server account but you will have to contact your exchange server administrator if the feature is not working fine

Praveen Bhat, Microsoft Answers Support Engineer.
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I'm getting this in Outlook 2007 too. The count in appointment view, responses in scheduling view, and responses in tracking view are all different.

These are for all internal emails, on an exchange server, so the " pop account" reply below does not apply.


I find that the tracking tab does not update when a person accepts / tentatively accepts / declines BUT chooses the option to " Don't Send a Response" . Does the invitee have to send a response in order for the tracking tab to update their option? This is all thru Exhange Server, so the POP acct has no bearing on this question.


we experience the same, even for those where a response was sent. I have the response in my mailbox, but in tracking-tab of the meeting it's displayed as no response. Have this on Office 2007 and Office 2010, so doesn't seem to be fixed in the latest Office version either. Only using internal accounts, so no Pop3.

Our users are not happy about that... :-(


It doesn't seem to me that this question was really answered. We have the same situation in Outlook 2007 as WestDE and DHermosillo above (Exchange Server, no POP) , so the POP answer isn't applicable. Can we get a REAL answer that is applicable?
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