moving contacts to be part of outlook address book.

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When I check my contacts in outlook I can access them with no problem. When I go to send a e-mail and try to select a person they don't show up or if I select the first letter they don't show up in my address book either. How can I copy or have my address book access my contact list so I can send out my e-mails. My contacts were copied from office 2003/Windows XP. This is a new system running Windows 7 Pro Office 2007

Diane Poremsky

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If you have Contacts in the Contacts folder but they are not accessible when you click on the To button, check these settings:

Make sure the Contact folder is enabled as an email address book. Right click the Contacts folder, choose Properties then Outlook Address Book. Is the box to enable as email address book is checked?

If this is grayed out...

Go to Tools | Email Accounts, choose View or change existing directories or address book. Is the Outlook Address Book present? If it isn't listed, add it and close and restart Outlook. If it is listed, then remove it and close then restart Outlook and repeat these steps to add it.

If you are using Outlook 2007 and the the checkbox is grayed, you'll need to make a new profile as you can't add the Outlook Address Book service due to a bug.



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Same problem ... it is grayed out

Go to tools ... no tools, how?


Larry Leong

Thanks Russ. But it still does not allows me to change the address book to use

Anyway, it's done. I simply import from Contact to Outlook Address Book. Neat!


Russ Valentine

Not in Outlook you don't. The address book is just a view of your Contacts folder. It contains no data so there is no way you import to the address book.Russ Valentine
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