How to change default Calendar so dragging email goes to right calendar?

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I recently changed .pst's and wanted to copy all my current calendar information from one .pst to another. I did this by using the right click "Copy Calendar" feature. Instead of copying all my appointments this copied the whole calendar so I know have two calendars in my .pst-- 1) an empty default calendar and 2) a calendar with all my appointments.

How can I consolidate these two, or at least make calendar 2 the default calendar?

Right now when I'm in the Mail view and I drag an email to the Calendar view, it by default posts it in calendar 1, when I really want it posted in calendar 2.


Brian Tillman

Senior Member

Your default calendar is always the folder named "Calendar" in your default folder set. The only way to change it is to change the default folder set, changing all default folders.

Why not just copy everything back?


Sayed Imran

That"s right! As Bill Mentioned You may want to copy all the contents from Calendar 2 to Calendar 1 and then get rid of Calendar 2 permanently. By doing so you will be left with just one calendar, which would be the default calendar and the emails will go to that calendar by default when you drag your emails.

To copy the data from Calendar 2 to Calendar 1 you can follow these steps:

1. In Outlook click on Calendar 2 and the tab View(on top) >Current view >All Appointments

This will show all your appointments in a single page, Now highlight one appointment and press Clt+A on the keyboard, this will select all the appointments. And then press Clt+C, this will copy all your appointments from Calendar 2.

2. Now click on Calendar 1 and the tab View (on top) >Current view >All Appointments

And right click on the right hand side and press Clt+V, this will paste all the appointments from Calendar 2 into Calendar 1.

3. Now you can get back to your normal view by clicking on View > Current view>Day/Week/Month.

4. Ensure you got all your appointments in Calendar 1 which is your default calendar. And then right click on calendar 2 and delete it.

Hope this helps!!!

Sayed Imran, Microsoft Answers Support Engineer.

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