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I want to use Business Contact Manager to track individual recipient's response to an event (marketing campaign) so I know who is coming. I want to add new fields to track RSVP (yes/no), Attending? (yes/no) and No. Guests.

I can add new user defined fields to a Business Contact, but cannot add them to the TRACK page (Recipients). Do you know if this is possible, and if so how to do it please...


Ezil Vinoth

In Business Contact Manager, Accounts, Opportunities, Business Contacts have user defined fields. In these we have an option to customize the forms and track them.

However in Communication history, Project tasks and Marketing Campaign we do not have the option of customizing forms because of which we are not be able to track the changes.

Check the link to know more about Business Contact Manager:

Check the links to create a Marketing Campaign in Business Contact Manager from another program in the Microsoft Office suite:

Ezil Vinoth S, Microsoft Answers Support Engineer.

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