The AutoComplete function is not working properly

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I recently purchased a new computer running Windows 7. I copied my Outlook contacts and imported them using the import function within Outlook. My contacts appear to be there , however, the AutoComplete function is not working and I have to retype email addresses into the To: box every time. Need help.

Diane Poremsky

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Outlook 2016 32 bit
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Office 365 Exchange

If you click To, do you see the addresses?

Autocomplete is filled as you send messages - its not like OE where the entire address book is in autocomplete.


Niranjan I K

AutoComplete is a feature which displays suggestions for names and e-mail addresses as you begin to type them. These suggestions are possible matches from a list of names and e-mail addresses that you have typed before, known as the AutoComplete name list, which are stored in the .nk2 format.

Check the links below for the location of the .nk2 files on the machine.

Note: Backup up the .nk2 files before troubleshooting.

Rename the .nk2 to the current profile name and paste it from the default location for your operating system
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