How do I remove To-Do List from My Tasks List in Outlook?

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I have a problem with the To-Do List under My Tasks in Outlook, particularly in the left hand side navigation pane. I have my Tasks set up in Tasks. I do not use the To-Do List. My Tasks are in Tasks, and I am constantly selecting that list to view, but Outlook thinks it should default back to the To-Do List, which is not where my Tasks are. How do I stop this from happening?

Thank you for any advice you can offer. FWIW, I am using Outlook 2010.


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The To-Do List is a combination view of your Taks folder and a items that have been flagged for follow up. So, with that in mind, your tasks should be listed there as well.

Make sure you do not have a filter applied to your view.

Also make sure that the message store holding your tasks has been marked as the default via;
File-> Account Settings-> Account Settings...-> tab Data Files

To answer your question more directly; no, you cannot delete the To-Do List or set another Tasks folder as the default when switching to the Tasks Navigation for the first time during an Outlook session.

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