Why do I have a duplicate Outlook calendar in my default .PST?

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My emails accounts are IMAP and Hotmail (using the Outlook Connector), and I use the default PST only for calendars, tasks and contacts.

This pst was moved from Outlook 2003 or even originally from 2000 (running Windows XP) and I just moved the PST to my new laptop running Outlook 2007 (Windows 7). I think it is high time I get rid of the second calendar. It is basically a duplicate, but it isn't exact and I am having a hard time figuring out the difference. One has a path of \\Personal Folders, the other a path of \\Personal Folders\Inbox.

Any idea on why there are two? Can I get rid of one? If I can't, what is the best way to move items to a new PST I can use as the default?



Brian Tillman

The calendar under Personal Folders should be the default calendar. The one under Inbox is one you created yourself somewhere along the line and you should be able to delete it if it doesn't contain events you want to keep. If it does, move those events to the default calendar and then delete the extra one.
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