Moving Contact and Calender files to New User Account

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I am running Vista Home Premium with Office 2003 need to delete my current user profile. I need to know how to move Contact and Calender files to my New User profile before I delete the Old. Thanks


Russ Valentine

All Outlook data is stored in one file. Make note of the name and location of your Outlook data file. Configure your new profile to use it. Methods have been posted here countless times. Apparently we need to repost them every time someone asks. Here they are again:

The file you need is your Personal Folders file (*.pst) It's where all the mail, calendar, contacts etc are stored.

Take a look at these pages for info on Outlook data backup or transfer:

Note that some of the information on the Microsoft page is outdated and contains errors, particularly when applied to Outlook 2003 or 2007. Specifically:
1. Ignore any advice to copy your PST file to Outlook's default location to

connect it to your profile. Doing so will often corrupt your Outlook profile. Copy it
anywhere BUT the default location and then open it within your Outlook profile.
2. Ignore any advice that tells you to use export or import to transfer

Outlook data. That has never been sound advice, but the process has become

too deeply flawed to be of any use.

Russ Valentine
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