'Unknown error in importing pst file from windows 7 32 bil to windows 7 64 bit

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Russ Valentine

Since importing is never the correct way to transfer Outlook data, one must wonder how and why you encounter this error. Tell us.Russ Valentine

Guruprasad Ra

What is complete error message?

Try opening the PST file and check if you are able to access the data file. Follow the instructions in the link below to know how to open the data files in outlook.


If the issue still persists, try performing Scanpst. Visit the following links to know how to perform Scanpst for Outlook Data file.

To find Scanpst:


To run Scanpst:


Brian Tillman

How to get rid of this error
Don't import. Open the PST instead. File>Open>Outlook Data File.

Russ Valentine

Unfortunately, when importing throws an error, opening the PST file usually does too. The problem usually arises from the way the PST file was created or transported. That's why I requested the steps that created the problem in the first place. Should be simple to figure out after that. Users who import are often ones who first exported, and exporting can corrupt the PST file.Russ Valentine
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