Autocomplete not functioning on Outlook 2010

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Windows 7, recently upgraded Outlook from 2007 to 2010.

Have a few items in the "Suggested Contacts' folder (ie. it seems to have imported my .NK2 file) but Outlook does not use them AND does not "remember" any addresses beyond a restart of the application. (autocomplete gives me an address which I CNTL-K'd during the same session but when I restart Outlook, it does not remember... Also no trace of any new entries in the "Suggested Contacts" folder...)

Thanks for any pointer on how to resolve ! (I am assuming I can not go back to Outlook 2007 where this worked perfectly :-(


Russ Valentine

What do you mean by "upgraded?" You should not try to upgrade to any beta version of Outlook. Install clean and create a new profile, or else you'll encounter problems like these.

Autocompletion is not a robust or reliable feature. It frequently stops working usually because Outlook loses its connection to its autocompletion cache. This can happen for a number of reasons, most often because Outlook is not exiting completely and thus not writing to the cache. Make sure you run no add-ins or sync software that might hold Outlook open after you exit. After you find and resolve the problem that is preventing Outlook from exiting properly, you may need to create a new Outlook profile to get autocompletion to work again. If you're lucky you'll be able to migrate your old cache to the new profile following directions here:

Russ Valentine


Hi Russ,

Thanks for your advice...

I installed the released version of Office 2010 over an existing Outlook 2007 installation. My bad, should never have moved up :-(

btw. your ingressor reference does not cover 2010 issues does it ? Autocomplete in Outlook 2010 seems to not use any .nk2 file anymore but rather "suggested contacts" ?

When I tried to re-install Office 2010, it offers a "repair" option.. is that any good ?


Russ Valentine

Ingressor is not needed for Outlook 2010.

If you want to get autocomplete working correctly, create a new profile from scratch and make sure Outlook is exiting completely.

Russ Valentine

Texas Christian

I was having the same issue with Outlook 2010 on a new laptop with Windows 7, moving from Windows XP Pro and Outlook 2003.

Unfortunately, the Outlook folders do not exist prior to running Outlook for the first time, so there was not any place to copy the original Outlook files or the .NK2 file. Consequently, Outlook did not automatically import the .NK2 file into it's "Suggested Contacts" folder or into its Stream-Autocomplete...dat file.

The end user had worked for some time to rebuild the autocomplete data only to have it quit working October 17th.

It appears that an iTunes Outlook add-in was updated at that time and for some reason, prevented Outlook from closing completely, which corrupted the primary .PST file, emptying the "Suggested Contacts" folder.

After copying his original .NK2 file to the proper directory (c:\Documents and Settings\Username\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Outlook), I ran outlook /importnk2 from the Start menu. It re-populated the "Suggested Contacts" folder, but Autocomplete still did not work continuously beyond Outlook sessions.

I ran scanpst.exe (usually located in c:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office14 older). It found and repared several errors and "Autocomplet" is functioning again.

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