how do get previously used email addresses to auto-complete within the address lines

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I used to be able to begin typing someones email address and it would auto-complete. my new computer doesnt do it though. how do i make it so it does it again

Brian Tillman

This question doesn't seem to be related to Office customization and programming, so I'll be moving it to the proper Outlook forum after answering. The forum will be Using Contacts, Calendar, Notes, and Tasks.

The autocompletion cache does not reference your Contacts in any way whatsoever. It simply remembers the last 2,000 addresses to which you've sent mail. Since this is, as you say, a new computer, the cache will be empty. As you continue to send, more addresses will be added.

There are two ways to populate the cache with your contacts. One is to open your Contacts folder, press Ctrl-A to select all your contacts, then drag the selection to the Inbox to open a new compose window with all of your contacts in the To field. Press Ctrl+K to resolve all the addresses. Then close the compose window and cancel the sending. Close Outlook to write the cache to disk.

The other way, if you're using Outlook 2007 or earlier, is to copy the cache file from the old computer. It will be in the (usually hidden) folder %AppData%\Microsoft\Outlook, it's name will match the name of the mail profile you were using on that computer, and its file type will be ".NK2". With Outlook closed, copy that file to the new computer, put it in %AppData%\Microsoft\Outlook, and name it to match the current mail profile, keeping the .NK2 file type. WHen Outlook starts, it should be able to use it.


Jeanie Elendt


Where would I find this cache file in Windows 7? My boss got new notebook and has hundreds of email addresses in the cache. He needs them badly.



if you have access to the old computer, copy his .nk2 file from within his profile.

In Windows XP the file was located at: C:\Documents and Settings\UserName\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook\file.nk2 (the filename may be different)

On his new computer, they will go in the same path (if he is on XP)

If he is on Windows 7, the path will be C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Outlook\file.nk2

Here's the kicker. In the new PC, if there are files named Outlook.srs or Default.srs, you will need to rename the .nk2 file to match.
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