Seeking workaround for missing functionality in Outlook 2010 / Calendar

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the problem is the following: I use "Notes" @work and Outlook 2010 @ home. I have to sync my private and my business appointments.

First I thought, that I could "create a rule", that

a) allways sends an invitation to my business account, when I enter a new appointment in OL2010

b) that automatically accepts all invitations coming from my business account.

The downer is, that there is no such things as rules for appointments. At least I can not find it. Does anyone have a Tip how such a functionality can be achieved? ... quicksteps?

Thanks a lot for any feedback


Ezil Vinoth

What type of account do you use in Outlook at work and at home as well? (POP or IMAP or Exchange)

You may create Rules using the following options which will allow moving the appointments to a different folder:

1. Click on File > Manage "Rules and Alerts" at the bottom of the page.

2. Click on New rule > Start from a blank rule "apply rule to message I receive

3. Check the option "Which is a meeting invitation or update" and continue

Note: you cannot apply a rule to move appointments from the Calendar folder

For additional resources on creating rules in Outlook 2010, click here.
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