Difficulty Publishing Calendars

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I created a calendar in Outlook 2007 that I then tried to publish. I was asked to create a Live Messenger login, so I did. I thought I did everything I was supposed to do. When I went home to try to open the calendar at home, I was never successful. Every day when I come into the office this danged login thing pops up wanting my password so my calendar can be published. I got sick of seeing the password request come up so I went in and deleted the calendar thinking the password request would go away when the calendar went away. Not so. How on earth do I get rid of this password request?

Ezil Vinoth

What type of email account are you using? (POP or IMAP or Exchange)

When do you get the password prompt, is it while opening Outlook? Which calendar did you delete? Is it the Outlook calendar?

Does the password prompt box states as "Enter network password"? Follow the link and create new profile for Outlook and check if it helps.

Check the link below which helps you to publish calendar.



I believe it is a POP email account. When I open Outlook each morning, the password prompt is present. The calendar I deleted was a test calendar I created to see if sharing a calendar was as easy as a toaster. It needs to be, and it is not. Anyway. I called the calendar Conference Room. Every day I would add something to the calendar and supposedly publish it, but when I would go home and log into my Windows Live account for home, I could not find anything in the calendar. So I decided, after several days, it wasn't worth the effort and I deleted Conference Room calendar. And now I am haunted by this danged password prompt. Please don't help me try to publish a calendar. I need help getting rid of this password prompt. Should I delete the Windows Live ID?


Diane, I am having essentially the same problem. We are on Outlook 2010 Windows 7 at work (exchange server) and I set up to sync with my Outlook calendar at home, XP sp3, Outlook 2007. It worked great at first but then in both places I am being asked for password to sign in -- it does not remember.

I google this problem and I see dozens of users who have various versions of this problem, but in no case are there answers that shed ANY light on this problem. This thread seems no more helpful -- so far. My favorite was a recommendation to use Google calendars.

I have tried every password combination I have ever used. I am very careful to record passwords, so I know I'm using the correct password. I have done this from each of my two machines so it is not likely my configuration, operating system or application. And, repeating it DID work just fine.

I would love to kill this "service" if I could, or fix it if it actually works. Either way.

Thanks for help that is more than just asking the user more questions.
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