Default Reminder change in Outlook 2010 won't save.

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I have Windows 7, Office 2010 suite on a new laptop, and same problem on a desktop with Office 10 running on Vista.

On the Windows 7 laptop, I copied in my .pst file from my old computer, which was running Vista and Office 2007. Once I did that I wanted to set my Calender reminder default setting from 15 minutes to 1 day. I found where to make the change (File-Options-Calendar Options), but the change doesn't save. I click to change the default reminder to anything other than off or 15 minutes and it goes right back to 15 minutes as soon as I close the options window.

The other computer was a straight upgrade to Office 10 from Office 07 and it has the same problem.


Here"s a way to set the default reminder to a day.

In Outlook, go to File -> Options -> Calendar and in the Default reminders box, enter 1439 minutes, which Outlook will accept. (You are not limited to the values that appear in that dropdown box--you may enter anything you wish. If Outlook doesn"t like it, it will revert to the previous valid value, initially 15 minutes, when you close the window and then immediately re-open it. This explains why 15 minutes remains after 1 day is entered—Outlook is not forcing 15 minutes as a default but rather is rejecting the entry of 1 day.)

You may also enter an integral number of hours, but anything over 23 hours will be ignored. Also entering a number in the form of xx.yy hours will be interpreted as hh:mm--5.43 hours becomes 343 minutes; 23.59 hours becomes 1439 minutes. I could not find any way to “trick” it into 1440 minutes. However, I think that the solution above is close enough to be considered an acceptable workaround.
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