Cannot delete task from list

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I had a flagged message in an IMAP folder that appeared on my tasks list. The IMAP folder was corrupted and I repaired it with scanpst. After opening Outlook 2007 again, the item appeared duplicated on my tasks list. One copy of the task I was able to remove from the list by clearing the flag, but the other copy won't go away.

When I double click the task it says " Cannot open this item. The message you specified cannot be found." When I try to clear the flag on the task it says " The message you specified cannot be found." If I try to delete the task it says " Some items cannot be deleted. They were either moved or already deleted, or access was denied."

I'm thinking that the task is referring to a copy of the message that was in my IMAP folder before I repaired it. In any case, I cannot figure out how to remove the item from my tasks list. I have tried running scanpst on my main Outlook data file and that didn't help.


I resolved the issue by deleting the IMAP account and adding it back again.
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