Please help me with a step by step for repairing my Win 7/Outlook 2007 to see the address book after migrating files using Win Easy Transfer from an X

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Dale M

Like many here, I can not see my address book in Outlook 2007 when composing an email, but I do have all the contacts listed under Contacts. I've tried to follow the fixes here but each configuration seems to be just different enough to cause me to hit a dead end. I originally had an XP computer and Outlook 2007 and I believe I was using an IMAP setup. I used Windows Easy Transfer to migrate my files to my new Win 7/Outlook 2007 machine, which I see according to this site won't work with Outlook 2007. Now as I review all these fixes I don't see one that exactly matches my configuration. For example, one post says to create a new identity, however it only tells me how to do it in Vista or earlier, not Win 7. Also I tried to Add the Address Book Service using Outlook 2007 help files, but it is obviously not for Win 7 because I don't have a Mail selection under User Accounts:

Add the Outlook Address Book service to your profile

To add the Outlook Address Book Service to your profile in Outlook 2007, follow these steps:

If Outlook is running, click the File menu, and then click Exit to close Outlook.

Click Start, click Control Panel, click User Accounts, and then click Mail.

In the Mail Setup-Outlook dialog box, click E-mail Accounts.

In the Account Settings dialog box, click New.

If you see the Add New Email account-Choose E-mail Service dialog box, click the Microsoft Exchange, POP3, IMAP, or HTTP option, and then click Next.

If you see the Add New Email account-Auto Account Setup dialog box, proceed to the next step.

In the Add New Email account-Auto Account Setup dialog box, type your name, e-mail address, and password, and then click Next.

When you see the congratulations screen, click Finish.

Start Outlook.

I would be VERY grateful if one of you brilliant experts can give me a step by step on how to make my address book show up as in my Contacts. Again, I loaded Office 2007 on my Win 7 machine and mistakenly transferred my Outlook 2007 data with Windows Easy Transfer from my old XP/Outlook 2007 system. I even removed Office 2007 on the new machine and started over but the old Outlook emails and Contacts were still there and the process failed.



You can't add the Outlook Addressbook service in Outlook 2007 as there's a bug.

If you'd done any research at all you would have discovered that transferring Outlook data via WET corrupts your Mail Profile.

See here for information on how to fix this.

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