Outlook 2010 Group Schedules in Public Folders

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Outlook 2010

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Have a calendar folder in Exchange Public Folders named Group Calendars, used to be able to click View Group Schedules in Outlook 2007 and get a list of group schedules to view. Can't find a way to do this in Outlook 2010, answers to other topics don't seem to apply when using group calendars in a public folder. Right click and Open in New Window just displays a blank calendar with no means of selecting the original group schedules contained in that folder.

Is this supported in Outlook 2010?




I believe this question is related to/the same as this one:


And I wonder if this maybe the cause of the issue:

Group Schedule The View Group Schedules andPlan a meeting commands that previously appeared under the calendar are removed. These commands are replaced by the new Group Schedule feature, integrated into Outlook Calendar. Available from:http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/outlook-help/discontinued-features-and-modified-functionality-in-outlook-2010-HA010354944.aspx

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My guess was that it was referring to the group schedule stuff, but was having trouble understanding how the public folder played into it - we didn't store group schedules in public folders. If a user wanted one, they made one in their own calendar.

I don't know of a way to migrate group schedules out of public folders but will see what i can find out.

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