Snooze defaults to next reminder time and s/b time before/until the event

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The selection of a time segment when a reminder appears will always default to the last one used. If one event is set for a reminder for 15 mins. before, the reminder pops up at that time. if youanswer the question to be reminded again in n mins, it remembers that choice forever.

how can you change that behavior (to only use the choice for that event/reminder and not all futures)


Guruprasad Ra

Try performing outlook clean sniff. This switch clears the lockout on the computer it is used, enabling Outlook to process meeting items.

Click on Start > All Programs > Accessories > Run > copy and paste the following command line and press enter

Outlook /cleanreminders

Diane Poremsky

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I'm not seeing the 'forever' behavior. If i snooze for 15 minutes, 15 minutes will remain selected in the window *until* a reminder fires, then it resets the snooze time to 5 min. Items snoozed for 15 min will have 5 min as the new snooze time when the reminder comes up again.
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