Reminders have random 'Click Snooze to be reminded again in:' values

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After using Outlook 2007, I recently installed Outlook 2010 and am finding that the Reminders window now has a random "Click Snooze to be reminded again in:" value in 2010. Previously in OL 2007, this value (once set in a given Outlook session) would be "remembered" each time the Reminder recurred, thus necessitating only a single click of the Snooze button if no change is desired. Now, every reminder requires 3 clicks (one for the drop down arrow, one to select the length of time to 'Snooze', and one to activate the Snooze). I use Reminders pretty heavily so this inefficiency is noticeable to me.

Can anyone suggest a solution here?

Jeff (32-bit Windows 7 Ultimate | 32-bit Office 2003, 2007, & 2010)


What type of account do you have?

Hi Diane & thanks for posting. Sorry for my late response but this site is NOT observing my preferences about notifying me when there is a reply.

Anyway, not sure what you mean by "type of account" as it applies to Reminders ... if it helps, I am not using MS Exchange but am using POP3 as far as email goes ...

I am also seeing the behavior you describe: "If i snooze a reminder for other than 5 min, the selected time remains the 'default' until a reminder fires, then it resets to 5 min." Which IMO is definitely a step backwards from the 2007 behavior Seems like there would be more call for people preferring that a reminder interval should be remembered instead of assuming that all reminders should default to either the last reminder's interval or 5 minutes.

Hope there's a way to get that behavior back ...

Jeff (32-bit Windows 7 Ultimate | 32-bit Office 2003, 2007, & 2010)
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