How to remove 'COPY:' from Outlook calendar entries in Outlook 2007

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I have had issues with Sync2 deleting entries from my calendar and so I copied and pasted the data from a back up calendar. In Outlook 2007, the program puts 'Copy:' in front of all the entries and I very keen to find a way to remove these as I have almost 4,000 entries to alter.

Does anyone have a quick fix such as 'Replace ALL' trype solution or any advice on how to deal with this? And will Microsoft please not add Text to calendar entries without giving the user the choice!!!




Russ Valentine

This behavior and workarounds are explained here:

I've also found that if you use table view of your Calendar Folder (like the Category view), it is possible to copy the contants of one folder to another without generating the "Copy:" in the Subject. Outcomes depend on your data store.

Russ Valentine

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