Re: Outlook calendar has stopped syncing with MobileMe

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they do know more than the techs that I spoke with, but they are still just as frustrated. It would seem that everyone thinks it started with the new iTunes update 9.2. I tend to agree. some have had luck with various tricks. I have tried all of them, i think, and nothing works. My outlook calendar still won't sycn with mobileme or my iphone through iTunes. I have managed to erase all my calendar items from both and now I have nothing, but birthdays. Yes, I do have a backup of my outlook file, but Outlook is working fine on my PC. It just no longer wants to paly well with others. Any more ideas?????

Diane Poremsky

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Interesting. That update appears to have fixed issues with Outlook 2010 but caused problems with older versions.

Oh, and no, no more ideas. Sorry.
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