Autofilling receipient's name is not working in Outlook 2007

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I have installed MS Office Outlook 2007. I have added some contacts and email address in my address book. But, when I am going to compose a new mail, no address is coming in the Auto Fill suggesition. The "Suggest name while completing To,CC, BCC" option is already enabled in the "Advanced Email" option. Please suggest what I have to do.

Russ Valentine

Sounds normal to me. Autocompletion has nothing to do with your Contacts. It uses a cache that is created when you send messages.Russ Valentine

Guruprasad Ra

Outlook maintains a nickname list that is used by both the automatic name checking and the automatic completion features. The nickname list is automatically generated as you use Outlook. If the nickname cache is corrupted, Outlook may not be able to identify recipients.

For more information check this KB article
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