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Robert AZ

I recently started using imap for gmail in Outlook and just realized there was not a sent mail heading which I then set up. Upon setting it up all the sent mail had no "to" field which is much more important than "from". When I set up the "to" field they now need to be opened one by to show the "to" field. I have over 2000 that I keep for work. Anyone know of a faster way to open them in bulk or show all the open "to"'s?

Somasundaram Pandiaraj

By default you don"t get to see the "To" field unless you click on the mail. But you could customize the view to set it up.

Click on View > Arrange By > To. Once this is done you should be able to see the mails being grouped according to the "To" field.

Click on the following link for more information on customizing views in outlook 2003.


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Brian Tillman

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By default, Outlook's mail folders will use the Messages view. Change yor folder view to Sent To and you'll have what you want.

Keep in mind, also, that Outook 2003 doesn't place outgoing messages on the IMAP server, but rather places them in your local Sent Items folder. If you want them to appear on the server, you need to create a rule that moves a copy of outgoing messages to the IMAP server or you need to upgrade to Outlook 2007 (or wait for Outlook 2010 to be released) if you wanOutlook to do this automatically. I must say, Outlook 2010's handling of IMAP is so much better than any prior Outlook. It even makes use of the Deleted Items folder as most people expect.

Robert AZ

Thank you all for help and comments. I have a "to field" as before but no names show in the field until I open each individual sent email and close it. Does that make sense. That is why I was looking for a bulk way to open and close them all at once. Any ideas?
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