How to Manage 2 Separate Email Accounts Separately on Outlook 2007

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Ezil Vinoth

There are two Methods to manage two separate accounts in Outlook 2007.

1. Create two different profiles.

2. In a single profile add both email accounts and set a rule for the emails to go into different folders.

Method 1: Create two Different folders.

Check the article below to create profiles.

Method 2: Add both email accounts in same profile.

Check the article below to configure email accounts in Outlook.

Settings for the mails to go into different folder for two accounts.

1. Create a new folder and name as you wish (e.g. Inbox 1).

2. Click on tools> Accounts Settings.

3. Highlight the second account and click on the Change Folder tab below.

4. In the new window, highlight the new folder you created and click Ok.

5. Click on Close and Close Outlook and re-open.


Dude to manage a to diffrent Email account Separately on Outlook 2007 u should creat a two diffrent Profile follow the steps below
Go to controle click on mail

& Click On Profile

Click On add

Give any Profile name

Set a email account in it


Aren't we all jumping the gun with descriptions of how to create a new mail profile when we don't know exactly what the OP wants to do and what sort of email accounts he has?If you find my response helpful, please click on the "Vote as Helpful" button!Thank you! My Blog

Guruprasad Ra

What type of email accounts do you want to manage in Outlook 2007?

If one or both the email accounts in Outlook are setup as an IMAP type then no further action is required.

If both the email accounts are configured as a POP3 type then you may use the new functionality in Outlook 2007 which allows change of the delivery location. In this case, you neither have to create a new Outlook profile nor have to create rules to deliver emails for the accounts to a separate store location.

Try the steps given below:

Open Outlook 2007, click on Tools > Account Settings > Email

Select the POP3 account from the list then click on "Change Folder" (bottom-left)

Select or create a folder to associate it with the current email account

Check the following link for more information on adding or removing email accounts in Outlook 2007:


I just have to say THANKS a million times for making it so clear how to set the mail to go into two different folders for two accounts. I had to reinstall Windows on my computer and reinstall all my programs. I couldn't remember how I configured Outlook before. Comcast does not support Outlook so they would/could not help me. I have searched the Internet to solve this little problem but could not find the answer until I found this forum. THANK YOU again!!


Now that I have the emails going into the right folder, can you please tell me how to set it up so all my sent items from ie: Inbox 2 can automatically go to a seprate folder also? Thank you!
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