Cant import my contacts from Outlook 2007, when I connect my N97 they dont transfer my adresses and tele Phone numbers????????????????????

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I have been working with Microsoft Outlook 2007. After installing the Beta version of Microsoft Outlook 2010 I tried to import my adresses, e-mail-adresses telefon-numbers. But all my tryes are not successfull. When I try to send a e-Mail with Beta 10 I cannot enter the @ sign from my keyboard. That means, with the Betaversion i cannot send any e-mails.

I would surly thank anybody who could help my solve this problems. Microsoft did not help me even so I asked them kindly. Please exuse my bad english, I am writing from germany

Thank you for your help Rolf Schünemann


Vinay - G

Does the computer recogonize the phone?

If yes, are you able to sync other info such as music, calendar ?

If you phone is not recoginised by the computer, contact the phone manufacturer for help to get the sync working.

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