Recovery for lost emails that were downloaded and then error on Outlook 2007 occurred. Now emails are lost

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I decided to connect my Yahoo account to Outlook. I wasn't warned or prompted to click the button that allows me to keep my Yahoo emails on the server and send to Outlook. So all my emails were imported to Outlook and deleted from Yahoo. About 3 months worth.

When I went back to open Outlook I got an error message that it couldn't open it up or find the data file it was connected too. I did a diagnostic and finally got it to open but it made me start from the beginning and open the account again loosing all those emails that were already imported to Outlook. Is there away I can recover those 3 months? Would it be saved on my computer somewhere?

I now have the button clicked so email is saved both on the Yahoo server and Outlook, but Yahoo claims that can't recover those messages I lost so I am hoping I can get some help and recover them via Outlook.

Thanks for your help in advance.


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On Outlook's File, Data File Management menu, select your current data file then click Open folder. This opens Windows Explorer to what should be Outlook's default folder location. How many pst files do you have? Is one the missing pst there? If so, you can open it using the Add button in the Data File Management dialog or File, Open, Outlook Data file.

Unfortunately, getting mail back into Yahoo (or any pop3 server) is impossible - the only way is forward it to yourself. If yahoo offered IMAP (it doesn't) you could put them back. (

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