I have Office 2010 and I get an error code 4202 when I try to sync my Hotmail with Outlook, I have downloaded and installed the lastest connector

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wee will

I have added a Hotmail account to my Outlook 2010 but cannot send any email I get an error code 4202. I have downloaded and installed the connector. All works fine with Windows Mail

Diane Poremsky

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It's a bug they are working on. It's caused by an error synching email addresses in the blocked sender and safe sender list between Outlook and Hotmail. It does not stop synchronization of the mail, calendar, contacts and other data (including the junk lists). In the majority of cases the issue is related to email addresses that have an underscore in the domain name – the server refuses them. In other cases, there is a malformed address on the list (ie, missing .com). So... check your blocked and safe lists for addresses with underscores or that are incomplete.


Ricardo Verde Costa

I was having the same problem.

I've just edited my "blocked senders" list and found a bunch of addresses with an underscore in the domain name.

Removed them, synchronized outlook and the 4202 error disappeared.


wee will

I have checked all my contacts and senders lists and I don't have any with an underscore, I have now removed all contacts and names from lists in Outlook and I still have the problem. !!!!!!

Thanks for the reply Ricardo much appreciated.


I deleted all the addresses which had an underscore and/or any other inappropriate character on the domain. I did that for the safe senders' list, safe mailing lists and the blocked senders' list. You must do it in all three lists. My Outlook 2010 is now up and running smoothly. However, this is an immediate way of resolving the issue. I am almost 100% sure that MS will come up with a fix for this issue.

Good luck to all of you!

Niranjan I K

Uninstall the version of Outlook Connector installed from your computer and install the latest version of Outlook Connector to fix this issue.

Do the following to uninstall the older version Outlook connector in the computer.

1. On the Start menu, click Control Panel.

2. Double-click Programs and Features.

3. In the list of currently installed programs, select Microsoft Outlook Connector and then click Uninstall. If a dialog box appears, follow the instructions to remove the program.

4. Click "Yes" or "OK" to confirm that you want to remove the program.
Install the latest full version Outlook connector 14.0 from the link below.

For more information on Outlook Connector check the link below:



That makes sense. Like I said before we are all guinea pigs.

I used all the answers i.e. uninstall outlook connector, reinstalled it , signed in configured online first with and without Outlook open. Just waiting on MS to providea service pack fix.



I have done this twice now, I have also deleted the junk mail addresses to aleviate the 4350 error. I'm getting really tired of this.


Obviously Microsoft's quality assurance sucks. Damn good thing I don't depend on Hotmail for my main email.

Gabriel Bratton

In case other folks view this thread and need more information on the error conditions we just published an updated article to help explain the issues,http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2230602. Longer term the Outlook team is making updates that will reduce or eliminate these errors.
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