Outlook 2003 Signature not displaying correctly__

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outlook 2003 Sp3 operating system XP Sp3 ...when i create or receive an e-mail message this is what is displayed where the signature should be....

includepicture \d c:\\signature 1.jpg\*mergeformatinet...

however when i send an e-mail message my signature displays correctly on "thier" end.... here is what i have tried so far:

deleted then created new signature (changed signature saved location)

unchecked "Keep Formatting" in Word
Unchecked Word as my Editor/Html in Outlook 2003 refreshed, closed, and re-opened Outlook
re-established Word as my Editor/Html
Updated Office
any suggestions are welcome and appreciated.. Thank You!


Ruchi Bisht

This issue usually occurs if the field codes are enabled. Try the below mentioned steps to fix the steps.

1. Open Outlook > Open a new mail.

2. Click in the body of the email and hold down the ALT key + F9.

Now you should be able to see the signature

Ruchi Bisht
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