After changing servers, ran 'repair' and lost my inbox





I recently moved my website and email to a new server and had to update the info in my Outlook. After several attempts to manually edit the mail server info, I eventually decided to try the "repair" option in Account Settings.

It got me connected to the new server, but unfortunately it seems to have started me from scratch. It cleared my inbox and all my folders with saved messages. I have searched my computer for my archive and saved mail data files, but all of these also appear to have been started from scratch (i.e. they seem to be brand new files and all my old archive files appear to be completely missing).

Interestingly, my Sent folder still contains all my old sent emails and my address book is still intact.

In a nutshell, I am looking for any possible solutions to recover all the old emails that were in my inbox, ideally without losing the new emails that I have received since changing servers.


Niyamath Khan


What type of account is configured in Outlook? E.g. POP/IMAP/Exchange.

If the old account was a pop type then the Outlook data will be stored in .pst file, try searching for the .pst file on the computer.

If you are able to locate .pst file then refer the link below to know manage .pst files in Outlook:


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