Combining Outlook Mail Folders for two email addresses using IMAP

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I have two email addresses.I use a PC and a iphone to check mail. I use my PC to read, reply,compose and sort my emails in to sub folders. I use the iphone to check emails and sometimes send replies when I am not in my office. I just changed both emails addresses to Imap from pop3. To do this in Outlook 2007 I deleted the old pop3 email addresses and opened the old email addresses as new using Imap.In the left side pane all my old mail folders still appear with the old emails in their sub folders but now my new emails appear in a new inbox sub folder under a folder named my email address. How do I get all my new emails for both addresses to appear in the original single inbox folder. Another issue I have is that when I delete a new email it does not delete it. It shows a line scored through the subject line but remains in the inbox. I hope someone out there can help me. Thanks


Thanks.To avoid having to set up a new set of Inbox sub folders in Imap I dragged some of the Imap incoming messages in to the existing sub folders of the personal folders inbox. I then opened the email in that sub folder and tested to see if I could use it. ( I simply forwarded it on and it appears to work.) Will this method work or is there a better solution to keep all my sub folders together for my accumulated emails and the new Imap emails? Another problem I have since converting to Imap is that my junk email all goes to my new Inbox. I checked my junk filter options and it is set on high. How do i set the junk mail for Imap? Finally my signatures of my two emailadresses no longer show up on the emails I send. How do I set these up for Imap. Hope you can help me.
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