Problems with Outlook after resetting my AOL Password. Can no longer access Primary AOL email address but can access sub Aol Email addresses where pa

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I have accessed my AOL primary account and sub accounts through Outlook for several years. I changed my password on the main account with AOL and am no longer able to access this through Outlook. I continue to be able to access all my sub AOl accounts and RSS feeds through Outlook. (Passwords have not been changed).

After several failed attempts to input the new password in Outlook I deleted the account and endeavored to add a new account using my primary email address and password. I meticulously checked that all information inputted was correct several times and with AOL tech assistance (which was a joke, to say the least). I am still unable to set up the account and cannot access my emails through Outlook. I use windows 7 and Outlook 2010. I did on one occasion get the message “an encrypted connection to my mail server is not available” I also checked if an unencrypted connection would work but to no avail. For the most my error message is that “there is a problem with my mail server”

Both AOL and Comcast advise me that the problem is a Microsoft issue. Endeavoring to access my Windows live account last evening I was unable to do so with my registered email address which is my AOL primary email address. I had to complete a new registration with a different email to get access to the forum.

I thank you in advance if you can shed any light on the problem I am encountering.

Surya Prasad Vemulapalli

Are you currently unable to setup the email account in Outlook or unable to perform send/receive after the account setup?

Did you configure the primary AOL account as an IMAP in Outlook?

What error message do you get while performing send/receive in Outlook?

Are you able to currently send/receive emails for the primary AOL account using webmail?


I am unable to send emails. Error message "cannot connect to outgoing SMPT server."

I have configured AOL account as an IMAP

I can receive emails.

I recently changed my password in AOL.

Thanks for any help you can provide.
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