After doing a Vaio Care update and defrag, I cannot open any links that I receive in emails using Outlook 2007.



Upon clicking on a link, I get a box that says "Windows cannot open" and needs to know what program to use. When i click on the program or search for the program, I get another error message. Everything was fine before I did the Vaio care defrag. Is there a way to fix this? I appreciate any help.

Michael Murphy

Make sure Outlook is set as the Default Email Program.

How to set File Associations:

How do I... Change file extension associations in Windows Vista?


Office Forums at above link

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They will help you with your Outlook questions when you repost in the above Office Forums.


Mick Murphy - Microsoft Partner


Mick, Thanks for answering. Outlook is my default for email. I am an individual user with a small business. There is no administrator as mentioned in the link you sent to me. I think I may need to reinstall Windows 7 to fix this problem. Unfortunately when I got a Vaio message to do a "Vaio Care" update, I did it and am now regretting it b/c it really screwed up my email links. No one seems to know about a easy fix, so may have to reinstall. To anyone reading this: Don't ever do a Vaio Care.