Hyperlink formatting getting messed up copying and pasting from Word 07 into Outlook 07.

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The company I work for is implementing new email signatures. I've been tasked with creating them all formatted and ready to go in a word 2007 document. This document will be available for all employees to copy and paste their sigs out of and into Outlook 2007.

Now that I'm testing it, the problem I am having is that when I copy and paste the sig into outlook, it changes the formatting of the text which is hyperlinked (email address and website). For example, the link is Arial, ital, underlined 8 pt in Word. When I paste into Outlook, it is, Calibri, underlined, 11 pt (not ital either). All the text which is not a hyperlink comes in fine. Any ideas how to make this work right?

Guruprasad Ra

Instead of copy and pasting the signature contents from the word document try saving the file as "HTML" and check if this helps.
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