HUGE Mess to fix: Have 'Multiple Outlook Data Files' with current DATA in each of them... NEED somebody to help me figure how to fix this s

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My ex-IT guy setup Exchange to be hosted. Upon setup, somehow my Outlook 2007 data file, which was clean and only (1) data file, somehow was "spawned" into multiple data files. Most are OST and have one PST. All data files, whcih I have approx. 5 different data files, some little larger than another, some smaller, but all are roughly 1/2 GB up to almost 1 GB.
I now have a HUGE mess to somehow clean up. What I've been told is to: open each one, for instance (2) at a time in Outlook, compare, delete duplicates (which are many), and merge the most "current data" into ONE CLEAN DATA FILE.
This is way beyond what I know to do with data files, so I'm at a complete and very frustrated loss at "what & how can I possibly do this? There MUST be some type of utility that either Microsoft has, or another vendor, that can do all this "automatically for me" since I don't have 2-3 days of manual comparisons, deleting duplicate data, then merging most current data in (1) clean, non-corrupt data file.
I am in serious need of some help, and would appreciate ANY IDEAS, links to tools that would do this.
PLEASE HELP / I'm in serious trouble if I do not get this data file back into (1) file vs. the multiple data files I now have to figure out "where is the magical tool / utility" that can answer my prayer here??
I would appreciate any input, ideas, tools, apps, links... anything that can fix my issue. Appreciate it greatly.

Somasundaram Pandiaraj

There are chances that your IT guy might have tried to remove and re-add the exchange account because of which you see multiple .OST files. You need not worry about the .OST files because if the account is recreated a new file will be created and on syncing with the server all the data will be back.

You"ll have to just import the data in multiple .PST files into one. The article KB 287070 will help you in managing the outlook data files.
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