Win XP outlook 2003 archive.pst file copied and moved to a new PC with Windows 7 outlook 2010. Unable to open the .pst

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The archive.pst was copied to a dvd from the old machine and pasted to a new foler on the new machine. The read only attributes have been unchecked. I have tried opening the file through outlook, used scanpst on the file and even used several versions of third party software. The result is always the same - 'archive.pst is not an outlook .pst file'. I am obviously paying the price for not researching the proper file transfer technique. The archive represents 6 years of emails and is ~1.1gig. The original .pst file is no longer available on the old machine. Any help will be gratefully received

Kathleen Orland [MVP]

In addition to Roady's excellent advice, while Outlook is closed make sure that the PST is not marked "read only." You can check this attribute by right-clicking on the file and scrolling to properties. Microsoft

Mai Gang

what Kathleen said is very important. I found that is my problem. Nothing complicated. Just uncheck the "Read Only" Then it works.
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