User is trying to COPY and PASTE text document in outlook. But the output of copied text is an image.

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I have a user who is trying to copy text from one email to another. When he copies the text and he paste to a new email, it comes up with a "mail picture" or "question mark picture" not the text he copied from original document. I've changed his region settings and keyboard settings but I"ve had no luck.

Could anyone please help me out?

User uses Microsoft Office 2003 with SP3


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Roady [MVP]

If the user uses Paste Special feature, is there an option to paste as Plain Text?
What happens if the text is pasted in Notepad?

Vinay - G

What format are you creating your emails in? Text / Rich Text / HTML??

It"s under Tools -> Options -> Mail Format.

Try pasting as unformatted text and see if that works.

Edit >> Paste Special >> Unformatted text

In Outlook, clickOptions on the Tools menu, and then click theMail Format tab. Check if “Use Microsoft Office Word 2003 to edit e-mail messages “Is selected.

If it is checked, then uncheck the option and see if it helps. Do the vice versa.

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Hey Roady

Thanks for your reply.

I've copied text information from Outlook to Notepad and Word. Everything copies fine, except outlook... :(

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Hey Vinay - G

It works under normal text.

I have ticked both boxes to use Microsoft office word 2003 to edit email messages & Use Microdot Office word 2003 to read rich text email.

Seems to be working fine under normal text settings. However when I click to use html or rich text that"s when it pastes small icons not text.

Would you know any other settings regarding to this? Maybe it could be a problem with Word 2003 too?


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